Mark Frandsen launched Jet Rent in Yuma, Arizona in 1996. The company initially launched it’s first adventurous rentals by renting personal watercraft, more commonly known as jet skis, hence the name Jet Rent. Since then the company has grown and evolved into offering several types of rental equipment, such as pontoon boat rentals and SUP rentals.

Since the age of four, Mark has had a big interest in dirt bikes. He grew up in Yuma, which is near the Imperial Sand Dunes, and went riding almost every weekend. Riding was not only a ritual but was almost an obsession. Since Mark was an avid rider, he learned to tare down and rebuild his equipment quickly and properly. He also learned the importance of safety and that the proper care of his equipment was a huge factor in enjoying the ride.

Through our southwest beautiful city in Arizona, flows the once untamed mighty Colorado River. There are several river access areas as well as area lakes with some with historical value. This makes Yuma a great location for Jet Rent. Through the years, Mark has seen hundreds of families come from all across the country as well as the world. He has met people from Canada, Australia, India and even Germany that have come to enjoy Yuma’s great weather and riding areas.

Mark still rides his dirt bike as often as he can. His wife, Veronica, enjoys going riding as well. She has love for photography, she often spends more time taking pictures than riding. His son, Mark Jr., also rides dirt bikes and will soon begin his off road racing career. The Girls, Sariah and Gianna, both enjoy riding with their mom and cheer on the boys as they practice. Mehkai, who is now four and Mark’s youngest son, first word was quad. He now has his own peewee dirtbike and ride like his dad and big brother.

Jet Rent is family owned and operated.

We love our city and the surrounding areas and want to share the beauty of our city. We love to hear from our customers and why they chose Yuma over any other destination. We are so happy that we were able to build our business around what we love to do.
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