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Yuma ATV Rentals

Are you ready for an awesome off road adventure? ATVs are a great  way to experience local riding spots such as Imperial Sand Dunes or Yuma’s many scenic riding areas. We have the largest selection of Yuma ATV rentals available in the Imperial Sand Dunes area but the equipment is still limited. We recommend reserving your equipment in advance to avoid walking in and finding out that everything has been rented.

There are several things you should consider before renting off road equipment. How much riding experience do you have? Do you know how to use a clutch on an ATV? How many people are in your group? These questions will help you choose the best rental equipment for you. We carry the Honda TRX90 for younger riders. Our Honda 250EX and our Honda 250 Recon are a good choice for the novice rider. These two ATVs do not require the use of a clutch. Moderate riders will enjoy our Honda 450R.

For multi passenger vehicles we offer two passenger and four passenger UTVs (side by sides).

Yuma ATV rentals come with helmets, goggles, gas cans, and the trailer to haul the equipment to your destination. Jet Rent does not provide the fuel for the ATVs. We are not located near any riding areas all equipment needs to be hauled to the preferred destination.If you don’t have a vehicle that can haul the equipment, Jet Rent has a truck available for rent. The fuel is included with the truck rental for the local areas. We also have  delivery available to certain areas for an additional fee.

ATV rentals do not come with gas. All rentals have one third of the tank filled for loading and unloading purposes. One tank of gas will last depending on the aggressiveness of the rider, rider's weight, trail riding, dune riding etc.  Your gas mileage can be as low as 60-70 miles per tank or as high as 90-100 miles per tank.

We do have a few requirements for all rentals. Renter must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license, passport is an acceptable substitute.  A damage deposit is required on each rental.  There is a security deposit required on the equipment. The deposit is to cover any damages acquired during the rental that is not mechanical failure. We take credit cards and cash but do not accept debit cards for the security deposit.

ATV rentals are by the hour or 24 hour period. We are open 7 days a week, pick up times start at 8am and we can make special arrangements for earlier pick up.

Here are some suggestions on what you should bring with you. Bring a long sleeve shirt to protect you from sun and brushes, if any. Long pants should always be worn while riding to help protect you from the sun. A good pair of boots is also recommended, this will help protect your feet and help shifting the gear for the ATV a bit easier.   Protective goggles must be worn at tall times while riding please keep in mind if you need prescription eyeglasses.


Arizona OHV Information

State Laws

      • All ATVs are required to be titled, and the owner shall receive one numbered plate valid for the life of the vehicle.
      • All riders (operator and passenger) under 18 must wear a helmet at all times.
      • No passengers are allowed on the ATV unless it is designed to carry more than one person.
      • State Agency that Regulates ATVs: State Police. View their Web Site: www.dps.state.az.us
      • Arizona's state ATV laws CLICK HERE 

Yuma ATV Rentals

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