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Imperial Sand Dunes FAQ

Are you required to report an accident at the Imperial Sand Dunes?

You are required to report it to the CHP if there is more than $750 of property damage or someone is hurt.CVC 16000.1.  (a) For purposes of this division, a “reportable off-highway accident” means an accident which includes all of the following:(1) Occurs off the street or highway. (2) Involves a vehicle that is subject to registration under this code. (3) Results in damages to the property of any one person in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) or in bodily injury or in the death of any person. (b) A “reportable off-highway accident” does not include any accident which occurs off-highway in which damage occurs only to the property of the driver or owner of the motor vehicle and no bodily injury or death of a person occurs.


Who investigates any accident taken place at the Imperial Sand Dunes?

If an accident has resulted in death, California Highway Patrol will handle the report on scene. If there is no fatality, your local CHP will take a desk report; there is no formal investigation for this type of incident.Depending on the circumstances, a BLM report may be available through the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA). Information on the FIOA process may be found at http://www.blm.gov/nhp/BLMinfo/ReadingRoom/ or contact the BLM El Centro Field Office.


If your riding equipment was stolen and striped at the sand dunes and the Insurance company needs a wants an incident/accident report. How can I get an accident report?

Contact the local CHP for a desk report. Depending on the circumstances, a BLM report may be available through the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA). Information on the FIOA process may be found at http://www.blm.gov/nhp/BLMinfo/ReadingRoom/ or contact the BLM El Centro Field Office.


Is there a “ten foot” rule on the road into the Key Hole campground at Buttercup, why isn’t the “ten foot” rule being enforced on Gecko Rd?

“No parking within ten feet of Gecko Road” rule (43 CFR 8365.1-6)  this is difficult to enforce on holidays. It is usually the result of the law enforcement staff working on higher enforcement priorities. There is no ten foot rule in the Key Hole, Gecko loop, Roadrunner, or Buttercup camping areas.


Can I save a camping space for friends or family?

No.  It is prohibited to reserve or save a camping space for another person.


Does the BLM tow vehicles away if they are left unattended in the camping areas at the ISDRA?

Yes, under the authority of 43 CFR 8365.2-3(c) which says in developed camping and picnicking areas, no person shall, unless otherwise authorized; leave personal property unattended for more than 24 hours in a day use area, or 72 hours in other areas. Personal property left unattended beyond such time limit is subject to disposition under the Federal Property and Administration Services Act of 1949, as amended (40 U.S.C. 484(m))


Why are the ISDRA visitors camping east of the UPRR tracks charged a visitor fee when they have no OHV access to the dunes?

The fee area boundary originally ended at the UPRR tracks. At that time, BLM saw a large number of visitors move to the east side of the tracks to avoid the fee and still use the Dunes resources. BLM then extended the fee area to one mile beyond the recreation boundary to reduce the shift in visitation patterns and return use back to historical levels. Visitors who choose to use those areas must comply with all rules and regulations per NECO and ISDRA. If visitors feel those rules are too restrictive, they can choose to camp in the adjacent open area on the west side of the UPRR tracks.

Is the BLM citing for the use of utility jugs to store fuel, or the use of racing fuel?

At this time, the BLM is not issuing citations.  For more information, visit http://www.arb.ca.gov/enf/advs/advs342.pdf (via BLM website)

If you are cited from any BLM regarding this let the ASA and/or UDG know as the blm’s official published stance on this it’s that they are not supposed to be ticketing for that.

Only sale of non carb cans and the use of utility kits that were never properly labeled for gas (and have been legal for gas since before the carb stuff but not enforced) So if you did get hit with a non carb can ticket and your can is a properly labeled gas can you can successfully fight the ticket and the group’s that work to improve our recreation (like ASA and UDG) are looking for people who have been improperly cited over this and other issues on major holidays.


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