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Through the years we have worked with several film and print productions as well as international filming productions. Our company has also assisted with scouting locations as well as VIP talent transportation.

National and international TV shows are filmed in various locations throughout Yuma County. We have worked with production teams from for print, reality shows, commercials for trucks, music videos, popular TV shows, newscasts and so much more.  Jet Rent has several vehicles available for equipment transport as well as talent transportation.

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riples in the sand dunes

Print and Photography

Each year photographers from all over the world travel to the Algodones Dunes.  The unusual landscape and inviting dunes bring a variety of people to film or shoot their project.  Through the years we have worked with several companies creating a better experience each time.

Film Project and Shuttle

Print and Film Productions have used our services for location scouting, as well as Talent VIP transport. The Sonoran Desert's unique landscape requires vehicles that are able to transport through the sandy desert. Some vehicles are not able to handle the desert sand, we have vehicles that will facilitate transportation.

Buttercup sand dunes

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