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Why Choose Us

Established by our passion to ride off-road, our company provides local, regional and international riders an awesome way to enjoy nature up close and personal.  Since 1996 we provide world renown high end brands of off-road vehicles that dominate the top of the off-road industry. Our high end rental equipment is available at an affordable enjoyable cost. As long life riders we want to provide our customers with the opportunity to indulge in the exotic beauty of the desert.

Cost -  The cost associated with the purchase of a off-road vehicles is a deterrent for some. When considering an off-road vehicle purchase, extra equipment needed can easily make a small investment double. Trailers, helmets, registrations, googles, gas cans, flags, permits, maintenance  and  licensing are additional costs that should always be considered before the purchase of an off-road vehicle. Some off-road vehicles alone can reach over $25,00.00 in purchase price alone.

Our rentals include equipment need for the operation of your off-road vehicle. Equipment such as trailer, helmets, goggles, gas cans are included with each rental.  Unlike other off-road rental companies who rent their equipment for 8 hours a day. Our rentals are by the hour or 24 hour time frame maximizing your rental period.  For rental rates click here

Dependability - With over 40 years experience in the off-road industry and over 20 years in business, we carry the industry's best off-road vehicle, high performing off-road vehicles.  The off-road vehicles we carry are meticulously maintained and monitored to ensure dependability. We take pride in providing high value brands trusted by top industry professionals.

Why choose us
what to expect

What to expect

Riding off road equipment is excitingly fun. You are in an new environment causing your five senses to heighten as your adrenaline rushes throughout your system. Naturally this different sensation is a wear on your physically after 4-6 hours of riding. A good time frame typically recommended is 3-4 hours.

If you have never experienced the desert or Imperial Sand Dunes,  we recommend taking your time to plan a full day trip to make the best and maximized experience and investment.   We are sure you will be addicted to the indescribable freedom riding in the desert brings.

What to wear 

Clothing - We recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt made out of breathable material. Pants should be worn for comfort and protection from environment. Proper shoes should be a part of the essential things to bring. Wear shoes that cover your ankle, hiking boots work well. Sunblock or sunscreen is highly recommended. With our rarely hidden sunshine it is best to protect your skin against the sun and it's effects.




Production Assistance

Have a  special production print or film that requires off-road equipment?  We have experienced personnel ready to assist with location scouting, as well as equipment for shuttle.  All events must be scheduled in advance.
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ATVs and UTVs are a great way to experience local riding spots such as Imperial Sand Dunes or Yuma’s many scenic riding areas.

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