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Things to do in Yuma Arizona
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Things to do in Yuma Arizona

I always here there is nothing to do in Yuma, Arizona. At times I think I even believed this myself. Growing up in the small neighboring town of Somerton the summer days were filled with trips to the local park to watch little league players and stops at the local ice cream stop.

The truth really was I was surround by constant events and things to do. In fact I started volunteering for the Somerton Parks and Recreation Department when I was 13 years old until I turned 16.  I have always been asked what things there are to do in Yuma.


There is so much I have learned especially when it comes to history and Yuma. I have sat a few times with Carol Brooks of the Arizona Historical society and as we are talking about certain points of interest I can vividly see some of the historical information come alive before me.

There were several movies that were filmed in the area and the stories that people have been talking to me about are truly entertaining. I think Yuma Arizona is an interesting place not so well notarized or spoken of by travel or tourism magazines or even blogs for that matter.  In any case, I will do my best to find the places. people. events and information and bring it to you


There are so many thing to do in Yuma, that I don’t even know where to begin. I am usually prompted by a particular set of questions and preferred activities in order to recommend things to do in Yuma.  Most of these activities are free some of these hidden gems you will not find anywhere else (unless of course other blogs copy my content, ;0… I see you).


Family and Kids

Visit the RC Airport

Yuma has an airport just for remote control airplanes. Contreras Field is home to the Yuma Air-Modellers Club.  For more information about this airport check out http://yumaaeromodelers.com/

Yuma Armed Forces Memorial Park

This memorial is dedicated to honor military past and present. This free outdoor exhibit is open year around at no cost. For more information about this airport check out


Visit the Coronado Best Western Museum Exhibit

One of the oldest Best Western Hotel in the state of Arizona. for more information visit

Yuma Historical Society Museum of Aviation & Tourism

Walk, bike, jogg the Colorado Levee Multi-use Path

The path extents over 8 miles across the city.  Pet lovers are encourage to use the path all animals must be on a leash.  For more information on where to access the path check out


East and West Wetlands

A great area to enjoy native plants and see several types of birds.  You can run, hike, walk or jog this interpretive area for more information visit https://www.yumaaz.gov/Home/Components/FacilityDirectory/FacilityDirectory/72/236?npage=3

Skate at our local Skate Park

I hear rollerskates are back in style. Whether you are on a board, rollerskates, scooter, hoverboard or rollerblade Kennedy Park is the place for all things with wheels as long as they are not motorized vehicles.  For more information on this free park check out https://www.yumaaz.gov/government/parks-recreation/park-recreation-locations/skateboarding-and-hockey-rinks

Visit the Yuma Art Center

This cultural rich Museum has several exhibits on display throughout the year. For more information on this local art center visit https://www.yumaaz.gov/government/parks-recreation/yuma-art-center-historic-yuma-theatre

Visit the Roxaboxen

Based on the children’s book that bears the same name, the park is open year around for more information on this unique site visit https://www.yumaaz.gov/Home/Components/FacilityDirectory/FacilityDirectory/63/236?npage=3


Yuma is located with in the Sonoran Desert, making a great place to educate anyone about the desert environment. Here is a list of science experiments to keep those young minds busy.

  • Sun Dials- how to make one, how to tell time using the sun
  • Sun Art- any construction sheet of color paper will do, use sunblock on the paper, leave out in the sun for hours or days.
  • Desert Water Cycles- Where does our water come from? ( Colorado River)
  • Sun Oven- How to make one
  • Solar Screen- How the Sunblock protects our skin
  • Hot dog solar oven
  • Rock decoration
  • Birds and Migration
  • Sonoran Wildlife






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