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Honda ATV Rental
Imperial Sand Dunes

We are life long off-road enthusiasts who provide an incredibly memorable way, for local and international travelers to experience the unique southern Arizona Desert landscape. This submersion experience will leave you addicted to the beautiful scenery of the Sonoran and Southern California desert.

Our company provides off-road rental equipment by the hour or 24 hour period.  We are not closed or on any off-raod areas, all equipment must be hauled to the preferred riding location.

The Yuma desert has several desert scenic riding trails. Some of the most intriguing offroad trails will take you to historic landmarks and prehistoric sites and trails. Yuma's predictable clear skies and sunny weather makes it a great place to absorb the desert views.

Yuma, is located in the Sonoran Arizona Desert 20 miles from the Imperial Sand Dunes, which is one of the largest sand dunes in North America.  Each year, this amazing natural outdoor attraction brings thousands of people from all over the world.  Attracted attention from sports fans, geologists, historians, world travelers and  movie fans as well.  This world famous location has served as a back drop to famous movies such as Star Wars, Stargate and many other movies, shows and projects.

Just Ride makes it easy, convenient, and affordable by providing cost efficient rental prices to enjoy your daytime outdoors.

Call us to reserve your equipment by providing us with your

    • - name
    • - rental contact information
    • - rental equipment
    • - dates of rental
    • - pickup time
    • - drop off time

Must have a valid driver's license and credit card.

Our OHV rentals include of the additional off road equipment you need such as helmets, goggles, flags, tie downs, hitch if needed and trailers at NO ADDITIONAL COST. To learn more about our services and what to expect click here

Reservations can be done via telephone for prompt and personalized customer service.

Delivery options is also available to some of the local desert riding areas. We are open 365 days a year.

ATV Rentals

Rental ATVs  by the hour or 24 hour period.

Rental includes a travel trailer, helmet, goggles and gas can.

Must be over 16 years of age to ride.

Learn more about the ATV Rentals  Click HERE

UTV Rentals (2 seat)

Rental UTVs by the hour or 24 hour period.

Rental includes a travel trailer, helmet, goggles, and gas can.

Must have a valid driver's license,

Learn more about our 2 seat UTVs Click HERE

UTV Rentals (4 seat)

Rental UTVs  by the hour or 24 hour period

Rental includes a travel trailer, helmet, goggles, and gas can.

Must have a valid driver's license.

Learn more about our 4 seat UTVs Click HERE

Wondering how to plan for your adventure?

Learn about what services and products we have available, check out our blog for stories and other information such as to expect and what to bring on your off-road adventure

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