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  • Sand Dunes Photography Tips
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    Sand Dunes Photography Tips

    The Algodones Sand  Dunes is one of my favorite local places to photograph for many reasons. No matter how many times I go, I never end up with similar images as the dunes always shift shapes and lighting throughout the day changes the look of the terrain and it’s shadows.  I have shot photography stills

  • Quick Guide to Survive the Yuma Desert
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    Quick Guide to Survive the Yuma Desert

    If you have ever been outdoors during summer in Yuma you know how hot and dangerous it can be to be stranded in the Desert.  At times outside temperatures can easily reach over 115F. Here are a quick list of survival actions you should be aware of and familiarize yourself before you head out in

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    Imperial National Wildlife Refuge

    The Imperial National Wildlife Refuge contains more than 26,000 acres of federally designated wilderness and protects wildlife habitat along 30 miles of the lower Colorado River in Arizona and California, including the last unchannelized section before the river enters Mexico. The Colorado River and associated backwater lakes and wetlands of Imperial National Wildlife Refuge are a green

  • North Algodones Dunes Wilderness
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    North Algodones Dunes Wilderness

    The North Algodones Dunes Wilderness area is located in Imperial County. It is a part of the Imperial Sand Dunes but fenced off as part of California Protection Act. In 1994, Congress enacted the California Protection Act (CPA), that among other things, designated 69 separate tracts of land totaling 3,667,020 acres in the southern California Desert as

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    Grand Canyon From Space

    Recently I encountered a situation that made me think of what perspective I was viewing it from. Days after my conversation I ran across the photo taken by NASA. The view was of the Grand Canyon. It was very interesting to see such a beautiful landscape from space. I personally have not been to the

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    Adair Park | Shooting Range

    Adair Park is a public outdoor range facility and it is located 15-miles NE of Yuma on Hwy 95 (16th st.) Turn off about 3/4 mile past Gila River bridge to the west. In 1967 the Bureau of Reclamation dedicated to Yuma about 340 acres for a firearms and archery target shooting range and other recreational facilities.

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    Pholisma sonorae, also known as Sandfood, is a rare and unusual species of flowering plant endemic  to the Sonoran Deserts to the west of Yuma, Arizona. Sand food lacks chlorophyll and is parasitic on roots of desert perennials, usually shrubs. The Sandfood which grows in Imperial Sand Dunes and Algodones Dunes , its fleshy stem extending up to two meters-six feet below

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    Desert Bighorn Sheep

    The desert bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) is a subspecies of BigHorn Sheep. The Desert BigHorn Sheep lives in the desert Southwest regions of the Arizona, California and in the northern regions of Mexico. The characteristics and behavior of desert bighorn sheep generally follow those of other bighorn sheep, except for adaptation to the lack of water in the desert:

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    Imperial Sand Dune Cleanup Scheduled January 19, 2013

    United Desert Gateway has annual and semi annual clean ups. They have open invites to any off-road enthusiasts and or volunteers for the 16th annual Sand Dunes Cleanup on Jan. 19, 2013. The annual cleanup should be an important date on any off-road enthusiast’s calendar. Cleaning of the dunes is vital to the sustainability of

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    Teenager loses his life on a dirtbike accident.

    It really sad when we hear of people passing away, It seems to be a bigger shock and loss when it is a young man. This past weekend Austin Vaughn lost his life while riding his dirtbike.  Police say 18-year-old Austin Vaughn was killed on Friday  as he was riding his dirt bike in a


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